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             Really listen to what your body is telling you.  Mindfulness is a lifelong priority.

Wellness Tips


Train With Jan:

will increase your awareness on the importance of exercising.

will help you dig deep into the "why" and help you tap into what you really yearn for.

​will help create a better, healthier life!

will always try new strategies and that will make a difference!

will help you break those old bad habits.

                  WELLNESS COACHING

I will increase your awareness of the importance of exercising your body and your mind.

I will always try new strategies that will make a difference.

I will show you how to fit daily exercise into your busy schedule, and have fun while doing it!

                  TRAINING TIPS

Warming up is essential before exercising. "Warmed up" muscles will be more supple which can decrease your risk of injury.

Aerobic Activity is vital for burning off calories.

Strength training increases bone density, strengthens your joints and improves

balance, stability and posture.

Take a rest day, if you have a week of intense aerobic activity.  Listen to your body!


Small changes (portion control and healthier choices) will lead to big results.

Don't skip breakfast; it is the most important meal of the day.

Keep a food log - even if it's just for a few days. 





My goal is to spread health awareness—and boost wellness—within adult communities and senior facilities.


I customize  personal programs and classes that fit your lifestyle.


For seniors with specific health challenges, a Train With Jan program will help you bounce back to your pre-treatment level of exercise and well being.


Chair Yoga will improve your overall health, increase your mobility, and help in managing pain.


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